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Unai (Vasanda Taluka)

This village situated on Billimoravadhai railway route is famous for warm water “Kunds” (Reservoirs) These “Kunds” of hot water are very old. It is said that, Lord Shri Rama could not get Brahmins over here for “Yagna” (Sacrifice) so he had called Brahmins for Gangakulgiri place on Himalaya for “Yagna” (Sacrifice) to fulfill there need of hot water Lord Shri Ram's had produced hot flow of Ganga by targeting arrow in land. Besides as per other folktale when Lord Shri Ram, Sita and Lakshman living forest life came to Dand Karnaya’s Sharban Rushi’s Ashram then Rushi throught there meditation power had changed their bad-smelling clothes, Lakshman knowing about it, Ram’s attention was drawn towards “Rishis” pain to relieve the condition of Rishi suffering from a very big disease. Lord Rama had aim Arrow at lands inner part (Patal) and from it. Medicinal waters started flowing and “Ushan Ambas” big idol become evident Sitaji established “Ushar Ambaji’s” idol in form of energy. Sitaji bathed at this place (In bathed) and its name was kept so. Here from surrounding villages at Unai Matajis temple people come for “Darshan”.

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