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Branch Activities

  Accounting Branches Works and Duties
  All financial exchange related accounts proper maintenance
  Payment regarding all claims lawfulness and reliability is examined
  As District Panchayati Financial Advisor to arrange facility system.
Except above mentioned 3 works and duties, the duties mentioned below are fulfilled:
  Arrangement for payment of financial claims
  District Panchayat cashbook and Treasury PLA’s obtainment.
  Accounting registers branch and at Taluka level maintenance regarding supervision.
  Monthly, Annual accounts prepared and sent to capable officers
  To prepare annual budgets.
  Related work and talukas estimates examination and instructions.
  GP. Funds accounts and all work related to it. Retired and to be retired employees pension cases to be send to examination and permission.
  In branch and taluka office accounting works supervision, examination and guidance.
  Audit, P.R.C. local fund, A.G. Audit related work in done given time limit for it supervision and guidance.
  To deposit the obtained from government in “Ugvi Pill” working as collecting and distributing officer.
  Account related staffs all working.

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