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Camp Detail

During the year 2005-06 animal rearing branch dist panchayat Navsari controlled veteran hospital and primary animal treatment centers have treated 58313 animals. Totally 25020 animals have been given Kurminarlak medicine. Under castration programme totally 4681 animals are covered. During this year in totally 42850 cooks for pox and Ravikhet disease vaccine has been given. During animal health fair campaign totally 29 major camps and 56 mini camps were organized. Totally 14439 animals were given treatment. During year 3265 samples were collected from various animals and sent to research office for examination.
During year 2005-06 by agriculture office various schemes have been implemented. According to it under main milk enhancement scheme scheduled castes 430 beneficiaries animals have received grant of Rs. 2,15,000/- for health package against which Rs. 2,14,904/- have been spent. Under fodder development scheme general categories 45 beneficiaries, other castes 180 beneficiaries and during “Krushi Mohotsav” 2005 free (seed for sowing) minikits were given. With this help scheme. General categories 31 beneficiaries, other castes 45 beneficiaries and scheduled castes 40 beneficiaries were helped in purchasing chaff – cutter. Under animal increment “Shikshan Shibir” totally 50 shibirs were organized and 3620 animal rearing were given guidance regarding animal rearing

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