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Branch Activities

Controlled by Ayurved Branch work, all hospital units are monitored and supervised by this office. All hospital's, units controlled by Ayurved Branch. Great obtained PLA. DDO is credited in it and for it grant is arranged by taluka panchayat from each hospital patient report, expense document, disease wise document is called and collectively it is sent to Gandhinagar Niyamakshri’s Office. As per instructions of NiyamakShri Indian Medical and Homeopathic office, Gandhinagar in district Ayurvedic Nidan Camps for curve of all diseases is organized. From Niyamakshri office arranged necessary Ayurvedic medicines similarly Ayurvedic medicine kits are arranged in every Ayurved Hospital. It is used as said its complete supervision is done.

To spread publicity of hospitals in villages surrounding hospital Swasthavrut programmes, Suwarprakash Yog Camp and vegetation exhibition is done. The information demanded by district panchayat and Niyamakshri’s office is given in time limit. In district from all Ayurvedic hospitals needy patient are examined on the spot. They are examined and given Ayurvedic medicines free of cost. Similarly in homeopathic hospital and unit all needy patients are examined on the spot and homeopathic medicines are given. Through hospitals also Sarvarog Nidan Camp, Vanaspati Pradarshan (Vegetation exhibition), Servaprakash camps are hale.

Samkalan committee’s meetings information is sent point wise every month. Monthly, tri monthly six monthly (half yearly) annual expense documents are sent.
  8 monthly budget, estimates document and improved estimate document is sent
  Audit para related information is prepared and sent.
  Through hospital ayurvedic medicines are demanded from Government Ayurved Pharmacy as per need and for concerned.

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