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Construction Branch Schemes

In construction branch, under it below mentioned development works are done.
  Under Central Government's Prime Minister Village Road Scheme in every taluka in the villages without “coal tar roads” coal tar roads are built.
  Under Central Government, Central Road Fund is utilized for every talukas for different main district roads and district roads are improved.
  Under Central Governments NABARD scheme, roads are widens and improved.
  Gujarat Governments “Kisanpath” Scheme 12 Finance Commission, special repair, tribal sub plan (Gujarat Patlern) similarly District Panchayat from their our capital, grant of Taluka, district members road-house and road house repairing works are under taken.
  Prime minister village road scheme..
  C.R.F. scheme
  Governments finance commission scheme
  Kisanpath Scheme
  Special repair scheme
  Schemes summary

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