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Maternity and Childcare Program

In health related all works, co-operation is given and learn to live a healthy life socially, mentally and physically for it about health special target implementation is done as under.
  In district to decrease proportion of birth rate.
  In district to decrease proportion of mother’s death.
  In district to increase proportion of institutional delivery
  In district to decrease infant mortality rate
  In society female foetas killing stopping awareness.
  In district total increase rate have to be decreased in proportion
  From state discrimination between male / female to be removed ( to remove gender difference).
  In district the diseases, which can be stopped by vaccine to decrease its proportion and death due to fatal diseases, have to stopped.
  In. ………Stopped (as above).
  In district, stop water-borne diseases and bring general awareness regarding environmental cleanliness among people.
  In young age (youth)
  During adolescence true understanding is given regarding physical and mental changes
  In society, about sexual diseases, to give true information and decrease proportion of sexual diseases

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