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Branch Activities

District development officer work under rules and standards of panchayat and letters, decisions, rules made by ICDS branch district panchayat, Navsari Government, women and child development division and commissioner women and child development, Gandhinagar.
The structure of ICDS scheme in district is as under:
District development officer No.
Program officer 1
Child development scheme officer 6
Assistant child development scheme officer 9
Main workers 52
Anganwadi workers 1182
Anganwadi helpers 1182
In ICDS branch accounting, administrative and planning work is done. From commissioner women and child development Gandhinagar arranged donation is estimated and accounted elementary level food products are estimated according to D.A. and consumption savings accounts targeted success monthly collection, obtaining monthly progress report similarly for various scheme related administrative, accounts, matters communication, supervision of elements working investigation through meeting, etc work is done.
Besides supplementary nutrition Balika Samruddhi Scheme, Kishori Shakti Yojna, ICDS, friendly societies formation, Swayam Siddha Scheme (limited to chikhli taluka) similarly various types of monthly weekly meeting district panchayat and Samiti meeting presence information is fulfilled and time limit work is done. Under branch women child development and youth committee chief program officer is their monthly progress report (MPR) is available on GSWAN every month till April-08. and every month data entry is done.

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