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  0-6 years children's nutrition and health standard improvement.
  Childs physical, psychological and development base building.
  Child death, child disease, malnutrition etc. to decrease the number of children leaving school in middle.
  To boost child development with various department to connect regarding policy and implementation.
  Nutrition / health, educations through them childs nutrition and health related common care mothers capacity has to be increased.
If various services are given together then it has a good effect, based on this thought various services are given like
  Pre-primary education
  Disease immunization vaccines.
  Health examination
  Related expert services
  Nutrition / Health education
These services are limited for children below 6 years childhood is considered crucial for childs development. In child social, mental and physical development the contribution of mothers is important. Therefore feeding mothers and pregnant women are also included in this scheme.

Last Update : 11/2/2014

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