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Health Nourishment Education

Child grooming
For possibly long time mother should feed the child with her own milk mothers milk is best food for Childs health.
When the child is of 4-6 months, then along with mother’s milk the food made in liquid form should be given.
Child should be given food after every 2 hours 5-6 times.
Disease immunization vaccine should be given without fail
To drink pure water and keep the surrounding environment clear
Available health facilities should be used
The no. of children should not be more than 2 or 3
For children grooming message given to parents
For newborn child mother’s milk is best. Compared to it other milk is not available.
After birth of a child, immediately, mother should feed yellow milk first feed (colostorm) to child. Because, in it there is energy and proteins.
After 4-6 months start giving other nourishing food.
Child’s food include vegetables and fruits.
Before cooking or eating washing of hands.
Before feeding children hands should be kept clean.
Kitchen and vessels should be kept clean, so that hies do not sit and disease is not spread.
Learn to recognize childs common disease like coughing, loose motion, fever, skin diseases and blurred vision.

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