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Flood Control and Water Control

Through this department small works washed away by river water are done. By these works on river banks farmers precious land is protected from being washed out. Through this department at budgeted cost of Rs.294.70 lakh 71 flood control works are done.
Sr. No. Schemes name Taluka’s name Budgeted price (Rs. in lakh)
1 Work of flood protection at Sadakpor Chikhli 3.47
2 Flood protection work near checkdam at Sadad Vel.   1.34
3 Work for flood protection near checkdam at Kuleeri Prataap Nagar   2.2
4 Work of flood protection at Talavchora   2.84
5 Work of flood protection at Nani (Samll) Vaalzhar Vaasanda 9.76
6 Work of flood protection at Khatgaamba   4.14
7 Work of flood protection at Moti (big) Bhamti   4.57
8 Flood protection work at Midhambari   2.2
9 Flood protection work at Upsal   4.59
10 Flood protection work at Khaata Aamba   4.11
11 Flood protection work at Kavdej   1.67
12 En strengthening work done at Aamri-Aamadpor Navsari 4.89
13 Enstrengthening work done at Vaada   7.57
14 Enstrengthening work done at Moldhara   9.02

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