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Branch Activities

Through malaria branch under contagious diseases control programme against malaria, dengue, Chicken gunia, fileria, diseases control and stoppage steps and treatment related below given work is done:
  Searching fever cases
  Disease stopping treatment similarly positive cases complete treatment.
  Mosquitoes paras search and pora nashak like, Chemical larvicide’s, Burnt oil similarly besides minor engineering where water stays always in such places pora eating fishes are kept (Placed).
  To control mosquito production, mosquito net of people is made medicine filled similarly as per rules of government in separated village insecticide spraying work is undertaken.
  Under “Falaria Disease, (Removal) eradication programme at group level is in one year, its melting activity is taken up
  In epidemic circumstances to destroy mosquitoes immediately chemical smoke work is taken up.
  Besides from below level all works report collecting and its review done necessary guidance giving. Similarly at State Level report presentation. Similarly State Level obtained instructions from and guidances implementation.

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