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Branch Activities

  From district panchayats various branches schemes, declaration report are obtained and gathered declaration support being prepared is sent.
  To call 20 point implementation committees meeting in cluded in 20 point schemes declaration is examined by committee. And its action not is prepared and sent.
  Through district planning society 15% politeness related arrangement 5% encouraging arrangement and legislative assembly members related given (arranged) grant is deposited in D.D.O.P.L.O., after that work of implementing officers grant arrangement work is done.
  District social-financial examination information is obtained and by gathering it is issued in form of Prakashan.
  Districts statistical outline’s information is obtained from State Government and other government officers by gathering it is issued in the form of prakashan.
  Annual administrative workings detailed report obtained from panchayat, various branches is gathered and published in form of report.
  Capital creation similarly at panchayat level employed, engaged staffs salary allowance, capital expenses, similarly usage expenses information is gathered and sent online to head-office.
  At district level from Navsari the wholesale and retail price of basic commodities for every months first and 3rd Friday are collected and its data entry is done. Its information is given to Niyamakshri, economic and statistical officer at Gandhinagar Register related to it is maintained.
  Every 5 years or as per time animal wealth survey agriculture input survey, financial survey, village facility surveys are done. The concerned department is informed about it.
  80% normal plan scheme is changed from various schemes implementing branches tri month report is obtained and examined similarly work of preparing registers is done.
  Besides this district statistical officer supervises the planning work for exchange report. In national programme also monitoring work is delegated.

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